Game Changing Technology

Physical disability is a significant health problem worldwide.  Through its sophisticated footprint analytics, ViTRAK’s Stepscan™ technology can lead to early diagnosis and treatment of mobility impairing diseases and conditions.  Quality of life is enhanced for patients, macro savings realized for the health care system.

Stepscan™ uses proprietary sensor floor technology patented by parent company ViTRAK Systems Inc., developed to study and analyze patterns of mobility and balance in human and veterinary subjects or patients.

The Stepscan™ Advantage: Truly Pace Setting Technology!

How is Stepscan different from other gait technologies?
Stepscan™ was designed by ViTRAK Systems Inc. to facilitate data sharing and the advancement of biomedical research.  Besides its accuracy and reliability, Stepscan™ technology boasts a number of advantages that make it the logical choice for researchers seeking both efficacy and efficiency. 

  • Expandable and customizable
  • Unobtrusive and indiscernible
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Built to international standards for pressure measurement devices (PMD’s). 
  • Central gait database 

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