The Stepscan Story

Stepscan Technolgoies Inc.

Our Beginnings

Stepscan Technologies Inc. was kick started in 2012 with the award of a competitive $1.4 Million innovation fund to build and commercialize its idea for a pressure sensitive floor tile system and software that would be able to track the patterns of mobility and balance in people, or groups of people, as they moved across the floor.

At the time, the concept was to provide a large volume gait measurement platform that could track movement. For example, the wandering behavior of Alzheimer’s patients in support of medical research and a new drug discovery initiative.

Today, the Stepscan® product is being used in hospitals and clinics internationally in applications ranging from pre-surgery planning and post-operative assessment of Cerebral Palsy children, to stroke rehabilitation, concussion screening, and fitting of prosthetic limbs.

We are proud to have our system being used by both the Canadian and American Veteran Hospital systems for the assessment of military veterans suffering from mobility impairing conditions, in basic gait research, and in new clinical applications such as fall risk assessments and diabetic foot screening.

As the Stepscan® platform is able to track the movement of multiple people simultaneously, our team of engineers feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to expand our multi-subject tracking capabilities for use by our partners in the security and defense industries.

The reasons for wanting to objectively measure gait, balance, and overall mobility are extraordinary plentiful and we understood that. During our founding years, we spent a great deal of our time building customized solutions for our clients in multiple industries. It was always exciting and challenging work, but we felt that we were missing a piece of the puzzle.

A Clear Path Forward

In 2018, something special happened- something that ignited our passion and stoked our desire to build a business with significant social impact:

We were approached by the Nursing Director of a Senior Care Facility who was interested in addressing falls in their facility. They wanted to develop a fall risk screening and monitoring tool that could be used to modernize what they felt was an outdated fall risk management program. They wanted something that not only helped them identify high risk fallers, but something that could also support a restorative care program.

Balance and gait deficits are significant contributing factors to a seniors' risk of suffering a fall. Based on research collected on over 3,600 subjects, Stepscan’s mobility assessment tool identifies irregularities in gait and balance and subsequently identifies high risk fallers quickly and reliably. Stepscan® also reveals areas of weakness; information which can be used to guide the development of treatment plans that safely encourage mobility and which foster independence and improved quality of life.

Protecting our vulnerable elderly is a shared responsibility.  Stepscan is honoured to be doing its part!

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Thanks for reading our story. We hope that you may join us in the chapters to come as we move forward as a company and within the healthcare industry.


Crystal Trevors

Founder & Owner

Stepscan Technologies

Company Mission

At Stepscan we are on a mission to help reduce the prevalence of accidental falls in our vulnerable elderly.

Company Values

Innovation We create new possibilities.

Quality We take pride in our work.

Teamwork We respect the skills and experience of our colleagues.

Passion We believe in what we do.

Integrity We do what we say.


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Women in STEM

Stepscan is proud to be a woman-owned and operated business. Men and women are equally represented in our staff and we are passionate about women the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.