A clinician's feet next to a barefoot patient's feet, appearing to help the patient move across the Stepscan system using crutches


Stepscan puts state-of-the-art gait and balance technology into the hands of smaller, privately owned physical therapy and occupational therapy clinics, allowing them to diversify their services to include computerized mobility assessments.

Gait, balance and plantar pressure analysis provide quick, convenient assessments including diabetic foot screening, concussions and other TBI monitoringcerebrovascular accident (CVAs) assessments, and fall risk assessment in support of geriatric wellness and fall prevention.

About Stepscan

With its sophisticated footprint analytic software and proprietary sensor floor technology, Stepscan is a groundbreaking plantar pressure measurement and gait analysis system for use by medical professionals who are interested in incorporating objective measures into their clinical practice. 

For the past decade, Stepscan has been selling our computerized gait and balance system internationally. The Stepscan system is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions including the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne Australia, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs Canada, the University of California, the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, and the University of New Brunswick.

Stepscan Users say they love the system because it is versatile, patient friendly, efficient (< 10 minutes/assessment), easy to use, and that our reports are easy to navigate and interpret. Furthermore, objective measures and our proprietary change-over-time global scoring makes it easy to track patient progress over time. 


Industry Challenges and How We Solve Them

Healthcare reform and the recent pandemic are forcing outpatient PT and OT clinics to change their business practices. Clinics can no longer rely solely on physician referrals or being “in network” to bring in new patients. Patients are also becoming savvy consumers, so clinics must find innovative ways to attract and retain new clients.

The Stepscan platform offers outpatient clinics opportunities for:

Service Diversification

Stepscan’s technology can be used to support assessments for Adult Orthopedics, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Pediatrics, Adult Neurological Diagnosis (TBI, CVA etc.) and Workman’s Compensation incidents.

Clinic Efficiencies

Stepscan offers a streamlined assessment process, seamless data collection and automatically generated, quantitative, and easy-to-interpret reports. This increases patient throughput and reduces the time to interpret the clinical assessments.

Marketing Support

Stepscan Users receive marketing support including webpage content to allow clinics to effectively market their new services direct to consumers and other stakeholder groups.

Enhanced Patient Experience and Retention

Objective measures of functional performance and mobility support the development of individualized treatment plans enhancing the patient experience.

Because assessments are easy and quick there is more time for the patient to spend with the Treating Clinician further enhancing the patient experience and leading to greater patient retention.

Quantitative and easy to read reports and the “Mobility Score” allow patients to see and understand their baseline and progress over time, motivating them to reach their treatment goals.

How Stepscan Makes Computerized Assessments Accessible

Previously, computerized gait analysis was performed by combining data from multiple measurement devices, such as force plates, motion sensors, and temporal-spatial mats. Unfortunately, possessing multiple specialized measurement devices was impractical (space-wise) and expensive for most private health clinics.

Stepscan is focused on bringing our state-of-the-art gait and balance technology into the hands of smaller, privately owned clinics. We are democratizing gait analysis, making it available to more practices, more clinicians, and more patients, by being:


Stepscan is designed with busy clinicians in mind. Capable of measuring multiple gait and balance parameters quickly and easily, Stepscan gives you all the information you need in one of two short assessments.

Assessment protocols take less than 10 minutes and easy-to-interpret summary reports provide critical parameters and insights at a glance.

What's more, is that the Stepscan System requires no previous technical knowledge to operate it. You do not need to hire specialized staff, rather training is included. Your Stepscan System can be installed and operating in less than a day.


Stepscan’s features for convenience help it easily fit into existing clinic workflow. Stepscan assessments can be used in multiple applications including routine mobility assessments, sports performance measurements, concussion screening and monitoring, fall-risk assessments, or even tracking treatment progress.

This wide range of applications allows clinicians like yourself to diversify services, retaining patients who otherwise would have been referred to specialist clinics.

Incorporating computerized gait assessments into clinical practice may also offer smaller clinics a competitive advantage by attracting patients interested in evidence-based treatment plans.


By minimizing up-front and maintenance costs and offering flexible contracts, Stepscan makes computerized gait analysis feasible for smaller and privately owned clinics.

Thanks to the Stepscan Product Guarantee, as long as you are on contract with Stepscan, you do not have to purchase any hardware, you will always receive the latest software updates, and if a tile in your system degrades or fails, we will ship you a new one, free of charge.

Stepscan platform presented with gait assessment passes and gait report

How Stepscan Enhances Your Clinical Practice

Stepscan presents clinicians with growth and service diversification opportunities including the following.

Concussion Assessment & Treatment

The Stepscan system can be used by clinicians in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of concussion and other traumatic brain injury. Stepscan’s Concussion software module records a person’s underfoot pressure and balance statistics as they complete a Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) test.

BESS is an objective measure of assessing static postural stability that was developed at the University of North Carolina and can be used to assess the effects of mild head injury on static postural stability.

Bare feet standing on a single blue Stepscan tile with white skirting

The Stepscan concussion assessment module combines the BESS score with other clinically relevant parameters of sway and balance to provide a more finely resolved balance score report. Information obtained by the Stepscan system can assist clinicians to make return-to-play decisions following head injuries.

The Stepscan Concussion module is available as an additional, automated report to both new and existing Stepscan customers and can be used to diversify the services provided by PT and OT outpatient clinics.

Diabetic Foot Screening

Diabetic foot ulceration is a preventable long-term complication of diabetes that is caused mainly by skin breakdown due to repetitive mechanical stress. For most people the first sign of foot problems is pain. However, a common consequence of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy, which may cause a loss of the protective sensation on the plantar surface of the foot or even chronic pain. Therefore, foot ulcers are not always obvious, and a patient may not show symptoms until the ulcer becomes infected.

Peak plantar pressures have been studied extensively as a contributing factor to skin breakdown leading to diabetic foot ulcers. Instruments such as the Stepscan system can be helpful in detecting possible sites of plantar ulcerations by locating the areas of maximum pressure.

Underfoot plantar pressure distribution map from a Stepscan Balance assessment

The Stepscan computerized assessment of foot pressures provides both a visual and quantitative measure of:

  • Pressure distribution under support areas of the foot 
  • Overloaded areas (areas of high pressure that could be of concern) 
  • Feet asymmetry (and how the body is compensating) 
  • Weight distribution on each leg 
  • Areas at risk of injury or ulceration in diabetics

The Stepscan Dynamic Pressure module is available as an additional, automated report to both new and existing Stepscan customers and can be used to diversify the services provided by PT and OT outpatient clinics.

Mobility Assessments

The Stepscan system is not just helpful in the assessment and treatment of conditions affecting locomotion. Stepscan can also be used as a mobility assessment tool for tracking the health of patients without acute conditions.

Stepscan’s Mobility module provides 8 KPIs regarding a patient's gait and balance, as well as a proprietary Mobility Score— an overall health indicator which helps clinicians measure and monitor the physical performance of patients under 60. Stepscan's pressure sensitive electronic floor tiles capture accurate and reliable data about a patient's walking ability, quickly and easily identifying asymmetries which can be addressed with treatments as preventative not reactive — care. 

The Stepscan Mobility module is available as an additional, automated report to both new and existing Stepscan customers and can be used to diversify the services provided by PT and OT outpatient clinics.


Interested in learning more?

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