Accurate & Reliable Data • Unobtrusive Assessments • Clinician-Friendly Reports

With its sophisticated footprint analytic software and proprietary sensor floor technology, Stepscan® is a groundbreaking plantar pressure measurement and gait analysis system for use by both medical researchers and clinicians who rely on accurate and reliable data.

Stepscan's® pressure sensitive electronic floor tiles capture accurate and reliable data about a patient's walking ability. This can be helpful in the assessment and treatment of conditions affecting locomotion such as Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, or arthritis.

Reputable & Reliable • Increased Patient Compliance

Stepscan® is a reputable product, registered as a Class I Medical Device with Health Canada, the United States Food and Drug Administration, and Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Stepscan's patient centric design allows for unobtrusive assessments and a positive patient experience. Our focus on safety and features such as ramps, non-slip flooring surface, and wide measurement bases, make assessments low-risk.

Seamless data collection and automated, easy-to-interpret reports create significant time efficiencies for clinicians.

Objective measures provide reliable evidence, supporting treatment plan decisions and encouraging patient compliance.


Concussion Assessment & Treatment

The Stepscan system can be used by clinicians in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of concussion and other traumatic brain injury.

The Stepscan concussion assessment module records a person’s underfoot pressure and balance statistics, combining the BESS score with other clinically relevant parameters of sway and balance to provide a more finely resolved balance score report.

Features at a Glance:

  • Expandable gait measurement platform.
  • Non-invasive, patient-friendly assessment.
  • Quantitative, easy-to-interpret reports.
  • Enhanced time efficiencies.
  • Objective, reliable data.
  • Reputable: Registered Medical Device.

Available Configurations:

STEPSCAN® PAD Single tile system that captures the balance/sway of a stationary patient. Measures ability to maintain equilibrium as well as plantar pressure.

Concussion assessment and management; Aging care services such as fall risk assessment.

STEPSCAN® PEDWAY Four-tile system that builds on Pad capabilities by combining detailed plantar pressure foot mapping with full temporal-spatial gait analysis.

USE CASES: Functional Movement Screen; Gait Training; Orthotics Management (Assessment, Fitting, Training).

STEPSCAN® PLATFORM Multi-tile system expandable up to 400 sq. feet in any configuration required.

USE CASE: Easier natural gait analysis for patients with pathologies dramatically affecting locomotion.

Available Colours:


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