Accurate & Reliable Data • Unobtrusive Assessments • Clinician-Friendly Reports

With its sophisticated footprint analytic software and proprietary sensor floor technology, Stepscan is a groundbreaking plantar pressure measurement and gait analysis system for use by medical professionals who are interested in incorporating objective measures into their clinical practice.

Stepscan's® pressure sensitive electronic floor tiles capture accurate and reliable data about a patient's walking ability. This can be helpful in the assessment and treatment of conditions affecting locomotion such as Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, or arthritis.

Stepscan can also be used as a mobility assessment tool for tracking the health of patients without acute conditions. Stepscan's proprietary Mobility Score is an overall health indicator, helping clinicians measure and monitor the physical performance of their patients.

Reputable & Reliable • Increased Patient Compliance

Stepscan® is a reputable product, registered as a Class I Medical Device with Health Canada, the United States Food and Drug Administration, and Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Stepscan's patient centric design allows for unobtrusive assessments and a positive patient experience. Our focus on safety and features such as ramps, non-slip flooring surface, and wide measurement bases, make assessments low-risk.

Seamless data collection and automated, easy-to-interpret reports create significant time efficiencies for clinicians.

Objective measures provide reliable evidence, supporting treatment plan decisions and encouraging patient compliance.


Concussion Assessment & Treatment

The Stepscan system can be used by clinicians in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of concussion and other traumatic brain injury.

The Stepscan concussion assessment module records a person’s underfoot pressure and balance statistics, combining the BESS score with other clinically relevant parameters of sway and balance to provide a more finely resolved balance score report.

Features at a Glance:

  • Expandable gait measurement platform.
  • Non-invasive, patient-friendly assessment.
  • Quantitative, easy-to-interpret reports.
  • Enhanced time efficiencies.
  • Objective, reliable data.
  • Reputable: Registered Medical Device.


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Available Configurations:

STEPSCAN® PAD Single tile system that captures the balance/sway of a stationary patient. Measures ability to maintain equilibrium as well as plantar pressure.

Concussion assessment and management; Aging care services such as fall risk assessment.

STEPSCAN® PEDWAY Four-tile system that builds on Pad capabilities by combining detailed plantar pressure foot mapping with full temporal-spatial gait analysis.

USE CASES: Functional Movement Screen; Gait Training; Orthotics Management (Assessment, Fitting, Training).

STEPSCAN® PLATFORM Multi-tile system expandable up to 400 sq. feet in any configuration required.

USE CASE: Easier natural gait analysis for patients with pathologies dramatically affecting locomotion.

Available Colours:


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