Accurate & Reliable Data • Expandable and Customizable Platform Size • Objective, Evidence-Based Decisions • Track Progress and Monitor Rehabilitation• Reputable: Registered Medical Device

Stepscan® revolutionizes the sports industry by providing valuable insights into athletic performance with groundbreaking technology for gait analysis and plantar pressure measurement.

Stepscan® footprint analytics allow for sophisticated coaching input based on real time performance tracking. Systems capture and analyze a variety of movements and stances including walking, running, jumping, squatting, handstands, etc.

Objective measures also provide reliable evidence, supporting treatment plans and return-to-play decisions, encouraging player compliance, and better protecting players’ health.


Sport Performance Analysis


Stepscan® pressure sensitive electronic floor tiles capture reliable and accurate movement data. Expandable and customizable sizing allows for a variety of applications, using as little as a single floor tile for balance assessments, or laying of complete floor systems for dynamic analyses.

Seamless data collection tracks the miniscule movements that equate to performance advantages in the fractions of a second in which they occur. Automated, easy-to-interpret reports make assessments convenient and results accessible. A cloud enabled database allows analyses to
be stored and compared to track
an athlete’s performance.

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Features at a Glance:

  • Objective, Reliable Data.
  • Evidence-Based Return-to-Play Decisions.
  • Sophisticated Coaching Input.
  • Customizable Platforms.
  • Quantitative, Easy-to-Interpret Reports.
  • Medical-level Accuracy and Precision.

Available Configurations:

Stepscan Pad ConfigurationSTEPSCAN® PAD
Single tile system that captures the balance/sway of a stationary patient. Measures ability to maintain equilibrium as well as plantar pressure.

Seasonal baseline testing; Concussion assessment and management.

Stepscan Pedway ConfigurationSTEPSCAN® PEDWAY

Four-tile system that builds on Pad capabilities by combining detailed plantar pressure foot mapping with full temporal-spatial gait analysis.

USE CASES: Functional Movement Screen; Gait Training.

Stepscan Platform ConfigurationSTEPSCAN® PLATFORM

Multi-tile system expandable up to 400 sq. feet in any configuration required.

USE CASE: Comprehensive movement analysis during play.

Available Colours:

Stepscan Available Colours


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