Stepscan Training & Course Offerings

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Stepscan Technologies offers several training courses for Stepscan Users, clinicians, and mobility enthusiasts. Learn more by making a selection below and reading the course description.

Courses From Stepscan

Stepscan Gait Analysis Technology

Stepscan User Training

For clinical Stepscan customers and existing users. Learn about your new Stepscan System or refresh your knowledge.

Stepscan User Training

Certified Stepscan Analyst

Not a Stepscan User but interested in becoming a Certified Stepscan Analyst? This is the course for you.

Certified Stepscan Analyst Training

Gait Analysis Refresher Training

For those familiar with gait analysis but wanting to learn more about the merits of tech-based assessments.

Gait Analysis Refresher Training

Not sure where to start?

Learn more about the Stepscan System— its capabilities, qualities, and advantages.

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Explore a sample report or talk to a Stepscan Product Specialist to see what Stepscan can do for you.