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Stepscan Fall Risk Assessment Project Shows 28% Reduction in Falls for Local Health Authority


From July 2022 to December 2022 Stepscan and the Prince Edward Island health authority (Health PEI) in partnership with The CAN Health Network, conducted a six month project that used both the Stepscan System and traditional paper based methods side by side to conduct fall risk assessments and screening for diabetic foot ulcers.  The Stepscan System and the traditional methods (Berg Balance, ABC Scale, Timed Up and Go) were compared in detail with the following objectives:

  • Reduce assessment time for fall risk
  • Improve the quality of fall risk profile and risk stratification
  • Improve proactive care of persons identified at high risk for a fall
  • Improvement in clinical measures
  • Decrease the incidence of new falls
  • Decrease the development of new foot ulcers
  • Decrease the number of hospital admissions for diabetic foot ulcers

For a 1 page Fact Sheet summarizing this project please click HERE.

For the full final project report please click HERE.

Please watch the following video to see a presentation by Crystal Trevors of Stepscan and Carolyn MacPhail of Health PEI discussing the detailed findings of this project.

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