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World’s First Pressure-based Gait Authentication System

Our Unique Offering

Stepscan® Secure is the world's first pressure-based gait-authentication system for access control. Stepscan is the only company producing modular pressure-sensitive flooring that is large enough to capture multiple natural footsteps leading to a secure area, and refined enough to distinguish individual gait profiles.

Using the Stepscan platform and research supported by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Stepscan has shown it is capable of analyzing various features of a person's gait and foot/floor interactions to differentiate individuals just by their walking patterns.

Stepscan has also developed the world's first in multiple subject tracking based on real-time streaming of footprint data. This enables us to simultaneously collect the footprint paths of multiple individuals and combine the footprints in each person's path for added verification accuracy.

About Stepscan

Stepscan Technologies was kick-started in 2012 with the award of a $1.4 M Atlantic Innovation Award to build a pressure sensitive flooring system and software that tracks and analyzes how people walk. Today, Stepscan is a state-of-the-art computerized mobility assessment technology. Through the use of an innovative electronic, modular floor tile system with proprietary software, Stepscan’s technology tracks patterns in gait and balance as subjects move across the floor.

Stepscan is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious healthcare and research institutions including the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne Australia), the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs Canada, the University of California, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, and University of New Brunswick. The technology has multiple additional applications in verticals including sports performance assessments, military training and virtual simulation, and security applications.

Industry Challenges and How We Solve Them

Multi-Factor Authentication

Access control is an integral part of any business or facility's security, ensuring that only those with proper authority and credentials gain access. To enhance security measures many facilities are now moving to Dual-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication methods. They are usually a combination of a knowledge factor (PIN code), a Possession Factor (key card) and an Inherent factor (biometric method such as a fingerprint, face or retinal scan).

Dual-Factor Authentication helps ensure that the person attempting to gain access is who they say they are and reduces the risk of unauthorized access due to stolen passwords or key cards. Stepscan's pressure-based gait authentication system uses a subject's gait as the biometric authentication, providing the next-level of security, unavailable with any other system.

Distinct Biometric Access Control

As gait is a by-product of a person's biomechanical makeup, it cannot easily be mimicked.

Passive Registration

Unlike other biometric technologies which require formal user registration, gait samples for registration can be acquired silently during initial entries reducing burden to both the staff and those seeking access.

Unobtrusive & Indiscernible

A key feature of most biometrics is that the user must present themselves (e.g. finger, hand, iris, face, etc.) to a sensor and be scanned. 

With Stepscan® Secure, a user isn't required to actively present themselves for inspection. Gait is a natural movement that usually takes place leading up to a secure entrance, so capturing it can be completely unobtrusive. Because a user doesn’t have to obviously present themselves, there is also the potential for making this part of the security system hidden and consequently, unknown to would-be imposters. 

Detects Tailgating

Stepscan’s flooring solution can be used to detect when two or more individuals enter a secure space only on the authentication of one individual. 

Customizable Configuration

Stepscan is engineered to provide up to 400 square feet of measurement area. Its innovative click-together design means that systems can be configured to suit most any space or hallway. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual/Multi-Factor Authentication 
  • Distinct Biometric Access Control
  • Passive Registration
  • Unobtrusive & Indiscernible
  • Detects Tailgating with Multi-Subject Tracking
  • Customizable Configuration
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How Stepscan Is Changing Access Security

World's First Pressure-Based Gait Authentication System

Stepscan, in collaboration with Cyber NB and the University of New Brunswick, has developed what is believed to be the world's first pressure-based gait authentication security system. 

This new application, developed by Research and Development Lead, Dr. Patrick Connor, was a welcomed business lateral of Stepscan’s technology, which has proven precision in both military and health contexts. Biometric security is increasingly mainstream from fingerprint scans to facial recognition on our phones. However, Stepscan's modular, pressure-sensitive flooring is an industry first. 

Stepscan provides an innovative, contactless security option using its high-resolution, pressure-sensitive floor tiles. Capable of capturing a sufficient number of footsteps of natural gait, analyzing an individual’s footsteps so as to identify them, and utilizing multi-subject tracking to detect tailgating, Stepscan is taking a big step forward in the access security industry. 

18 Stepscan tiles arranged 3-by-6 in front of a set of turnstiles and used for biometric access control


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