Stepscan® system is comprised of innovative hardware and sophisticated software.

The Stepscan® system is comprised of innovative hardware and sophisticated software. 2-foot x 2-foot interlocking electronic floor tiles can be configured according to need – from a single tile to a full floor – creating an expandable, customizable measurement platform.

Stepscan® software reports critical parameters of gait, allowing baseline measures, level of impairment, and potential treatment options to be determined. It allows for quantitative measurement of the symmetry or asymmetry of a patient’s walking ability and balance.

Features & Benefits

Quality: Stepscan® is for professional use, a highly accurate technology engineered to meet international (i-FAB) standards, and approved as a Class I medical device by USFDA and Health Canada.

High density sensor placement offers seamless data collection and automatic footprint detection.

Predetermined reports provide detailed statistics for the temporal and spatial parameters of gait, plantar pressure distributions (up to 1,500 kPa) foot/floor interactions and sway/balance for barefoot or shod patients.

Expandable: Stepscan's click-together, interlocking floor tiles offer an expandable measurement platform of unlimited size and configuration.

Patient & Clinician-Friendly: Stepscan® technology has proprietary footprint identification capabilities, meaning footprints are automatically classified as left or right, significantly reducing the post-processing required to generate reports. Stepscan® technology is unobtrusive – no markers, sensors, or wires – and requires nothing from the patient except to walk across the platform.

Stepscan’s team of committed engineers also offer:

Custom Report Development: Dedicated to ensuring its customers’ data requirements, Stepscan® software’s flexible infrastructure enables our skilled engineers to rapidly develop custom automated reports. These custom modules more quickly and easily provide customers with the data they require, reducing time spent on assessments, data processing and report generation.

Hardware & API: Stepscan® offers tiles (hardware) with an application program interface (API) that provides core foot-finding algorithms and basic position and direction information. This option allows researchers to use the Stepscan® gait data in their own unique applications.

Integration with Third-Party Technologies: Stepscan® can support various levels of integration with third-party devices (technologies or software) to provide customers with synchronized data sets from multiple data sources such as wearable GPS tracking sensors, heart rate monitors, etc.

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Stepscan Technologies has a proud history of collaboration with academia.

The Stepscan® system's features of accuracy, repeatability and large volume measurement area make it a desirable research tool. Stepscan is able to offer a technology rental program for short-term research projects.
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Features at a Glance:

  • Expandable gait measurement platform.
  • High resolution pressure mapping.
  • Non-invasive, patient-friendly assessment.
  • Quantitative, easy-to-interpret reports.
  • Enhanced time efficiencies.
  • Objective, reliable data.

Available Configurations:

Stepscan Pad ConfigurationSTEPSCAN® PAD
Single tile system that captures the balance/sway of a stationary patient. Measures ability to maintain equilibrium as well as plantar pressure.

Concussion assessment and management; Aging care services such as fall risk assessment.

Stepscan Pedway ConfigurationSTEPSCAN® PEDWAY

Four-tile system that builds on Pad capabilities by combining detailed plantar pressure foot mapping with full temporal-spatial gait analysis.

USE CASES: Functional Movement Screen; Gait Training; Orthotics Management (Assessment, Fitting, Training).

Stepscan Platform ConfigurationSTEPSCAN® PLATFORM

Multi-tile system expandable up to 400 sq. feet in any configuration required.

USE CASE: Easier natural gait analysis for patients with pathologies dramatically affecting locomotion.

Available Colours:

Stepscan Available Colours

Although short pressure sensitive pedways and force plates have been around for a while, pressure-sensitive flooring is a relatively young concept and opens up some new and unusual applications. Over the years, we've seen many applications for our pressure-sensitive flooring, ranging from sports training and assessment to industrial design testing, and from military training to...

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