Gait Biometrics Bolster Access Control

Stock image of multiple biometrics for access control

How Gait Biometrics Bolster the Access Control Industry Access control is an integral part of any business or facility’s security, ensuring that only those with proper authority and credentials gain access. To enhance security measures, many facilities now use 2-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods. MFA are often a combination of knowledge (e.g.- PIN code),…

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ViTRAK Attending Homeland Security Symposium

ViTRAK Attending 2015 Homeland Security Symposium Underfoot pressure and gait data have been shown to be useful in discriminating between individuals.  ViTRAK’s electronic flooring system has great potential to advance the science of gait biometrics for the security industry. ViTRAK’s Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr. Patrick Connor, will be presenting the results from his preliminary research…

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