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  1. What is Stepscan®?
    Stepscan®is a plantar pressure measurement device and gait analysis system.
  2. What parameters are you measuring?
    The Stepscan® System is calculating key measurements with respect to Sway/balance, temporal and spatial gait statistics and key plantar pressure measurements.
  3. Are the sensors resistive or capacitive?
    The sensors are piezo-electric resistive sensors.
  4. What is the resolution of the sensors?
    The sensors are placed 5 mm apart beginning 2.5 mm for each edge of the tile providing a seamless measurement area with no dead zone on the tile or between tiles when they are connected to each other.
  5. What is the scan rate?
    The Stepscan® operates at 100 hertz (min) which is the scan rate recommended for measurement of walking ability.
  6. What is the pressure range of the device?
    0 - 700kpa.
  7. How are the tiles wired? Is it wired or wireless?
    The tiles are wired (one power cord and one Ethernet connection per contiguous group of tiles).  The power supply is 120V AC to 48V AC medical grade power supply.
  8. What’s the surface of the tile made of?
    The surface of the tile is made of commercially available rubber flooring.  


will broaden our understanding of gait.

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