Support - Clinical and Research Applications

  1. Will I Still have to use my VICON camera?
    The Stepscan® gives you measures of underfoot pressures and the spatial/temporal parameters of gait and VICON camera give you kinematic data, particularly joint angles.  The technologies complement each other to give you more information of a person’s walking ability or gait.  They can be used together or apart depending on what you want to measure.
  2. Will it replace a force plate?
    We see ourselves as a complimentary technology.  The force plate measures the force and will give you the vectors of force (i.e., the angles of those forces).  The Stepscan® measures underfoot pressures in addition to the spatial and temporal parameters of gait.
  3. Can I get the raw data? In what format?
    Yes, the raw data can be exported from Stepscan® to the HDF5 format.  There are methods of loading such data with data analysis packages/languages such as R, Python, and MATLAB.
  4. Will it measure sit to stand?
    Yes, you can put a chair at the edge of the tile, sit the patient in the chair and then have them stand up on the tile.  The tile with measure their underfoot pressures, the balance and sway parameters.
  5. How do I buy the technology?
    There are two entry points with the technology.

    • The Stepscan® Pad, a one tile system with software is designed to do a static gait analysis.  The patients stands on the Pad and you get their underfoot pressures with a high degree of accuracy in addition to the sway/balance parameters.
    • The Stepscan® Pedway, a four (4) tile system with accompanying software is designed to do a dynamic gait analysis. The four tile system or Pedway is the minimum number of tiles you would need to capture two full strides.  You can add additional active and non-active tiles and plug and play them to any configuration.  The Pedway gives you underfoot pressures with a high degree of accuracy in addition to the temporal and spatial parameters of gait.