Grow Your Business with Our Stepscan Solution

Physiotherapy clinic owners, like yourself, understand the valuable insight that objective measures of gait and balance add to a patient assessment.

Mobility is an excellent overall indicator of health, with physical performance linked to fall-risk and quality of life as we age. Changes to our gait and balance are often subtle and gradual— easily missed during a visual assessment.

The good news is that there is technology sensitive enough to perceive these subtle shifts and it is both accessible and affordable enough for independent clinics.

The Stepscan Solution

Stepscan manufactures a pressure sensitive floor tile system and software with the clinician in mind. Our system modernizes gait analysis, providing patient friendly, easy to use, fast to interpret, and inexpensive assessments. What's more, is it does not require any upfront capital investment.

The Stepscan product is used internationally in hospitals and clinics with applications ranging from:

  • Pre-surgery planning and post-operative assessment of children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Concussion screening
  • Fitting of prosthetic limbs
  • Screening of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal dysfunction
  • Fall risk assessments for seniors
Stepscan Pressure Sensitive Gait Analysis Technology
Stepscan's Pressure Sensitive Gait Analysis System can be used to perform quick, unobtrusive gait and balance assessments in a clinical setting.

Strategic Growth Opportunities

Stepscan Mobility assessments quickly and easily identify gait and balance irregularities. This data is used to direct treatment options or to modify a patient's management program. The most common interventions beyond traditional physio therapy treatment are outlined in the graphic below.

Stepscan Solution Growth & Partnership Opportunities (2)

Stepscan Fall Risk and Mobility assessments offer strategic growth opportunities in preventative and senior care. Mobility is the litmus test for healthy aging and Stepscan provides an active investment opportunity to grow your business.

If you are looking to strategically grow your business, Stepscan can help. To explore further, connect with us today.