Diabetic foot ulceration is a preventable long-term complication of diabetes that is caused mainly by skin breakdown due to repetitive mechanical stress and loss of protective sensation on the plantar surface of the foot.  For most people the first sign of problems is foot pain, but sometimes signs of foot ulcers are not always obvious and a person may not even show symptoms of ulcers until the ulcer has become infected.

Thus, it is important to examine and screen for foot problems amongst your residents for risk management and general wellbeing purposes.

It is hopeful that your business has had protocols for foot care screening and care in place but Stepscan offers a new approach to measuring foot health that involves including an examination of foot plantar pressure characteristics.

Peak plantar pressures have been studied extensively as a contributing factor to skin breakdown leading to diabetic foot ulcers. Instruments such as the Stepscan system can be helpful in detecting possible sites of plantar ulcerations by locating the areas of maximum pressure.

Stepscan® system is comprised of innovative hardware and sophisticated software.

The Stepscan computerized assessment of foot pressures provides both a visual and quantitative measure of:

  • Pressure distribution under support areas of the foot
  • Overloaded areas (areas of high pressure that could be of concern)
  • Feet asymmetry (and how the body is compensating)
  • Weight distribution on each leg (lower limb)
  • Areas at risk of injury or ulceration in diabetics

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Features at a Glance:

  • Expandable gait measurement platform.
  • Non-invasive, patient-friendly assessment.
  • Quantitative, easy-to-interpret reports.
  • Enhanced time efficiencies.
  • Objective, reliable data.
  • Reputable: Registered Medical Device.

Available Configurations:

STEPSCAN® PAD Single tile system that captures the balance/sway of a stationary patient. Measures ability to maintain equilibrium as well as plantar pressure.

Concussion assessment and management; Aging care services such as fall risk assessment.

STEPSCAN® PEDWAY Four-tile system that builds on Pad capabilities by combining detailed plantar pressure foot mapping with full temporal-spatial gait analysis.

USE CASES: Functional Movement Screen; Gait Training; Orthotics Management (Assessment, Fitting, Training).

STEPSCAN® PLATFORM Multi-tile system expandable up to 400 sq. feet in any configuration required.

USE CASE: Easier natural gait analysis for patients with pathologies dramatically affecting locomotion.

Unshod balance assessment on a single-tile Stepscan system


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