Support - Product Usage

  1. Does the Stepscan® have regulatory approval?
    The Stepscan® gait analysis system is a registered Class I medical device with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada.
  2. How do I clean and disinfect the tile hardware and components?
    Clean the Stepscan® tile and cables with 70% medical grade alcohol. UV disinfectant wands may also be suitable.
  3. Does Stepscan® work with both Microsoft and Apple software?
    The software used to read the hardware was developed on Windows.  We have no immediate plans for migrating the software-hardware interface to work on other operating systems.
  4. Do I have to install the Stepscan® into the floor like my force plate?
    It is not necessary to install the Stepscan® tiles into the floor, the device can be overlaid overtop any flooring surface.  Should you want to install the device into the floor as you would a force plate you certainly can do so.