Stepscan's innovative technology tracks patterns of mobility and plantar pressures as subjects move across the floor. Automatic data analysis satisfies your unique data requirements.

FIGURE 6: Stepscan Gait Analysis System

Stepscan: Mobility Assessment & Analysis Tech

Stepscan Technologies manufactures the Stepscan® System, a pressure-sensitive electronic floor tile device paired with proprietary software which captures and analyzes the patterns of mobility and balance in subjects as they move across the floor.

In a medical setting, the Stepscan System provides objective measures of a patient’s walking ability and vestibular (sway/balance) function to determine baseline measures, level of impairment, and potential treatment options. Stepscan's product is being used in hospitals and clinics internationally in applications ranging from pre-surgery planning and post-operative assessment of children with Cerebral Palsy to stroke rehabilitation, concussion screening, and fitting of prosthetic limbs.

Stepscan is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions including the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne Australia, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs Canada, the University of California, the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, and the University of New Brunswick.

Beyond clinical applications, Stepscan's technology has applications in industries ranging from medical research to competitive sports, and from security and defense to senior wellness.

Our Modern Solution

The Stepscan System is a reliable, high quality, and industry-compliant pressure measurement and movement analysis solution for both the medical and security sectors.

Comprised of interlocking electronic floor tiles and sophisticated software, Stepscan can be configured according to need – from a single tile to a full floor – creating an expandable, customizable measurement platform.

Some key advantages of our system include:

  • Medical grade precision and accuracy
  • Expandable and customizable sizing
  • Unrestrictive and unobtrusive design

Learn more about how Stepscan's features of accuracy, repeatability and large volume measurement area are changing the landscape of gait analysis.

Stepscan Awarded Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Funding

Stepscan awarded $23,000 in funding from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ViTRAK ...

Stepscan awarded Atlantic Innovation Fund

ViTRAK management is pleased to announce that it is a successful recipient of Round VIII ...

Stepscan awarded $25,000 from Innovation PEI

Stepscan (previously ViTRAK Systems Inc.) management is pleased to announce that it is a successful recipient ...

Pressure Sensing Technology for a Variety of Applications

Physical Therapy & Rehab

Stepscan as a mobility assessment tool to help clinicians save time while diversifying their services.


Senior Wellness

Stepscan as a fall risk assessment tool, measuring gait and balance to determine baseline risk of falling and help facilities provide data-informed, high-quality care.


Research Use

Stepscan as a research tool, providing high resolution pressure data and customizable reports.


Sports Assessments

Stepscan provides sophisticated insight into athletic performance, real-time performance tracking, and evidence-based coaching input.


Military Training

Stepscan as a biometric input device for virtual and simulated training environments and StepTracker® is an industry-first, multi-subject tracking API.


Security & Defense

Stepscan utilizes walking pattern analysis and multi-subject tracking to provide the world's first gait biometric security system.


Other Applications

Have questions about a new application for Stepscan's technology? Curious whether the Stepscan system can fit your data needs?

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