Stepscan Pressure Sensitive Gait Analysis Technology

Stepscan Awarded Major Federal Contract

Stepscan Technologies (previously ViTRAK Systems Inc.) has been awarded a contract from the Canadian Federal Government to supply its Gait Analysis System to three Canadian hospitals.

Stepscan® is a patented pressure sensitive electronic floor tile system combined with proprietary gait analysis software, which captures and analyzes patterns of mobility and balance in patients as they move across the floor. The technology is able to measure under foot pressure distribution as well as many other movement parameters, such as a patients stride, sway/balance, and speed of movement.

Through a collaborative relationship with Veteran Affairs Canada, the Stepscan® Gait Analysis System will be used by rehabilitation specialists at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto, Ontario), QE II Health Sciences Centre (Halifax, NS) and Sainte-Anne-de- Bellevue Hospital (Quebec), to assess Canadian veterans living with mobility-impairing conditions.

The placement of these systems in a major milestone for the company. The contract will allow them to assess the technical performance of the their technology in a clinical setting, while working with top rehabilitation specialists in the evaluation of patient recovery outcome measures.

Stepscan's engineers and technical staff will be working closely with the hospital clinical staff in the collection and interpretation of data over the next eight months.

Stepscan (previously ViTRAK Systems Inc.) is a federally incorporated Research and Development company dedicated to the development and commercialization of its two patents in the field of movement tracking and analysis. The company’s pressure sensitive flooring system has many applications beyond medical research and clinical rehabilitation, including sports training and clinical drug trials, as well as military training /virtual simulation and security.

With additional funding support through Innovation PEI and the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council, Stepscan is also pursuing the development of a broader based subject tracking system and evaluating the technology’s suitability as a biometric identification tool. Stepscan holds patents for its sensor floor technology in North America and is patent pending internationally.