Stepscan software screenshot of a gait recording with an assistive device labelled and its pressure maps appearing in grey

Major Stepscan Software Upgrade Announcement

Stepscan Technologies (previously ViTRAK Systems Inc.) announces major software upgrade for its Stepscan® Gait and Plantar Pressure Analysis System

Upgrades to Stepscan® software features expanded functionality including the ability to record and analyze walking patterns of patients using prosthetic limbs, orthotic shoe devices, or other assistive devices.

ViTRAK Systems Inc. (ViTRAK) is pleased to announce a major software upgrade to its Stepscan® gait analysis software. Already known in the industry as the first FDA and Health Canada recognized gait analysis system that tracks all aspects of gait in one system (i.e. spatial, temporal and plantar pressures), the new software upgrade now also allows clinicians to record and analyze the gait of their patients when wearing shoes or equipped with a prosthetic limb.

“Traditional plantar pressure products only work in barefoot applications," explains Founder Crystal Trevors.

"Our new shod-walking application allows a clinician to objectively measure walking ability, improvements and changes in plantar pressure distributions upon application of various corrective interventions such as fitting of orthosis’ prescribed to support, align or correct deformities.”

The Stepscan® software upgrades also include the ability to record and analyze weight-bearing data from assistive devices such as canes or walkers. This feature allows the clinician to monitor weight bearing compliance throughout treatment.

Also in this software update, the Balance and Dynamic Gait Modules have been enhanced with a larger population of normative samples.

The Sway Balance module has also been enhanced with the ability to measure individual's balance in three stances: double leg, single leg, tandem. These stances are required by the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) test for clinical concussion and balance assessment.

Stepscan (previously ViTRAK Systems Inc.) is a federally incorporated Research and Development company dedicated to the development and commercialization of its two patents in the field of movement tracking and analysis. The company’s pressure sensitive flooring system has many applications beyond medical research and clinical rehabilitation, including sports training and clinical drug trials, as well as military training /virtual simulation and security.  ViTRAK is one of over 45 companies that make up the Prince Edward Island Bioscience Cluster.

For more information regarding the Stepscan® product line, please visit our website or schedule a demo.