Stepscan Announces StepTracker

New Multi Subject Tracking API For Use in Military Training Applications - StepTracker™

Stepscan Technologies Inc. announces the launch of StepTracker™, a new multi-subject tracking API for use in military training and simulation.

StepTracker™ addresses the unmet need of identifying and tracking individual war fighters as they move through shoot house/ training facilities while engaged in close combat and urban operations training.

"To provide effective training of troops undergoing this kind of activity, it is critical that the instructional staff have the ability to identify and track individual war fighters' locations in relation to one another.

Current solutions use a combination of camera and ultra wideband technologies that have critical disadvantages. Tracking multiple people using cameras is challenging due to the severe occlusions that occur when many people are involved. Cameras are also less effective at night and/or if smoke is present. There are also 'blooming' problems when gun flash occurs", said Crystal Trevors, Stepscan Technologies Owner and Founder.

Stepscan's pressure sensitive multi-tile flooring system enhances virtual training simulations by providing untethered movement and continuous tracking; ultimately resulting in a more immersive virtual environment.

Stepscan also provides crucial biometric feedback such as speed and reaction time of subjects, subject positioning and stance during engagement and team coordination during maneuvers. The Stepscan solution not only provides better information to the evaluators but also augments it with quantitative measures not achievable by any current technology applied to this domain.

StepTracker™ Multi subject tracking demo showing two people orientation, position and movement type (PRNewsfoto/Stepscan Technologies, Inc.)
StepTracker™ Multi subject tracking demo showing two people orientation, position and movement type (PRNewsfoto/Stepscan Technologies, Inc.)

A Crucial Tool in an Industry Striving Real-World Experiences

Major (Retired) Tom Batty is the recently retired Commander of the Canadian Army Learning Support Centre at the Canadian Forces Base in Gagetown New Brunswick. According to Batty,  "Simulations/simulators are a crucial tool for preparing personnel and the industry continues to strive to create more realistic, immersive experiences that emulate real-world experiences. There is a shortfall of available technology that can track the mobility of trainees during these simulations.

"There is a great deal of excitement about the potential of integrating footprint tracking and gait profiling technology into live and simulated training solutions. The Stepscan platform is exciting in that it has the ability to function as a multi-role simulator.

"For example, the same platform used for urban warfare training can also be used to provide feedback regarding postural stability (foot placement and centre of pressure/gravity shift) during weapons firing/sniper training. Or of considerable note the Stepscan pressure sensitive flooring platform can be used in mine clearing training exercises both in the learning centre and because of its portability, in the field.

"In a gaming environment Stepscan tiles can be used as an input device providing a natural user interface for simulator programs essentially allowing trainees to control the simulated environment thorough his/her walking patterns. It is simply an adjustment in how the data is analyzed and displayed to the end user that is changed.

"The end result is essentially a better trained 'mission ready' soldier. This should translate into better operation results during actual field missions and less casualties."

To learn more about StepTracker™, visit our Military Training solution webpage.

About Stepscan

Stepscan Technologies Inc. is a federally incorporated Canadian technology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of its multiple patents in the field of movement tracking and analysis. Stepscan® gait and balance technology is currently being used in hospitals and clinics internationally in applications ranging from general rehabilitation, pre-surgery planning and post-operative assessment of Cerebral Palsy children, stroke rehabilitation, concussion screening and fitting of prosthetic limbs.

The company's pressure sensitive flooring system has many applications including medical research and clinical rehabilitation, sports training, clinical drug trials, military training /virtual simulation, and security. Stepscan Technologies is one of over 45 companies that make up the Prince Edward Island Bioscience Cluster and is also a member of the Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defense Association (ACADA).