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Dr Connors in Computer Vision & Image Understanding

Biometric Recognition by Gait: A Survey of Modalities and Features

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE  – Dr. Patrick Connor, Research and Development Lead at Stepscan Technologies, is published this month in the online journal Computer Vision and Image Understanding.

Dr. Connor’s paper, ‘Biometric Recognition by Gait: A Survey of Modalities and Features’, was a collaboration with biometrics expert Dr. Arun Ross of Michigan State University.

“The paper is a survey of modalities- gait biometric sensing technologies- and associated strategies for identifying people by the way they walk,” explained Dr. Connor. “It then proposes how these technologies may be combined to improve on recognition, with an eye to security applications.”

Essentially, the paper explores “the distinctiveness of a person’s gait as assessed by different types of sensors and [how] to leverage these findings in new applications,” added Dr. Ross.

The goal of Dr. Connor’s research is to identify features that can accurately and efficiently distinguish individuals by their gait. The work presented in this paper is significant for Stepscan in that it helps to broaden the applications for their Gait Analysis System- expanding from clinical use to security applications.

The journal Computer Vision and Image Understanding focuses on “the computer analysis of pictorial information”, publishing articles relating to all aspects of image analysis, and covering a range of research areas including theory, data structures and representations, matching and recognition, vision systems, etc.

About Stepscan

Stepscan Technologies Inc. is a federally incorporated Canadian technology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of its multiple patents in the field of movement tracking and analysis.

The company’s pressure sensitive flooring system has many applications beyond medical research and clinical rehabilitation, including sports training, clinical drug trials, military training/virtual simulation, and security.

Stepscan Technologies is one of over 45 companies that make up the Prince Edward Island Bioscience Cluster and a proud member of the Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defense Association.