September 11, 2017

ViTRAK Systems Inc. announces name change

ViTRAK Systems Inc. announces name change to Stepscan Technologies Inc.

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – (September 11, 2017) - ViTRAK Systems Inc. is excited to announce their new name: Stepscan Technologies Inc. Stepscan® was originally the name of the company’s gait and plantar pressure analysis system.

“ViTRAK was the company name and Stepscan® was the product name. It was confusing for some people,” explains President and CEO Crystal Trevors.

Ms. Trevors decided in July 2017 to bring the Stepscan® name to the forefront, helping to strengthen the brand.
Stepscan Technologies will maintain its commitment to innovation, quality, teamwork, passion, and integrity. Its mission remains to contribute to an enhanced quality of life for patients with walking disabilities and an overall safer society through the development and worldwide delivery of their gait analysis technology.

About Stepscan

Stepscan Technologies is a federally incorporated technology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of its two patents in the field of movement tracking and analysis. The company’s pressure sensitive flooring system has many applications beyond medical research and clinical rehabilitation, including sports training and clinical drug trials, as well as military training /virtual simulation and security. Stepscan Technologies is one of over 45 companies that make up the Prince Edward Island Bioscience Cluster.

For more information regarding the Stepscan® product line, please visit our website at An online demo of the software can be scheduled by emailing

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will broaden our understanding of gait.

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