The Stepscan® Advantage: Truly Pace Setting Technology!

How is Stepscan® different from other motion tracking technologies?

The Stepscan® Gait Analysis System is unique in that it is a multi-tile pressure sensitive flooring system. Some of the key advantages of our system include:

  • High density sensor placement (5 mm) coupled with our 100 HZ scan rate (min) provides accurate and reliable data at an unprecedented level of detail.
  • Expandable and customizable sizing, offering up to 400 sq. feet of measurement volume.
  • Unrestrictive and unobtrusive design: the expandability adds a new dimension to gait analysis; this means that human gait can be recorded naturally, in any direction.  
  • Medical grade precision and accuracy with no on-site calibration required.
  • Thorough measurements: temporal, spatial and plantar pressure measurements as well as balance statistics are all measured by a single device.
  • Works with barefoot and shod subjects and can also capture the pressure being exerted by other objects such as assistive devices.
  • Medical grade system that is registered as a Class I medical device with the FDA and with Health Canada.


Stepscan® features of accuracy, repeatability and large volume measurement area are changing the landscape of gait analysis.


Stepscan® Products

The following Stepscan® products are available:

Stepscan® Pad

a single tile system

Stepscan® Pedway

temporal-spatial gait analysis capabilities

Stepscan® Platform

increase or decrease size and layout of the testing area


has the potential to... significantly shorten lead times in pharmaceutical development, by allowing data to be collected on multiple subjects simultaneously.

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