The Stepscan® Advantage: Truly Pace Setting Technology!

How is Stepscan® different from other motion tracking technologies?

The Stepscan® Gait Analysis System is unique in that it is a multi-tile pressure sensitive flooring system. Some of the key advantages of our system include:

  • High density sensor placement (5 mm) coupled with our 100 HZ scan rate (min) provides accurate and reliable data at an unprecedented level of detail.
  • Expandable and customizable sizing, offering up to 400 sq. feet of measurement volume.
  • Unrestrictive and unobtrusive design: the expandability adds a new dimension to gait analysis; this means that human gait can be recorded naturally, in any direction.  
  • Medical grade precision and accuracy with no on-site calibration required.
  • Thorough measurements: temporal, spatial and plantar pressure measurements as well as balance statistics are all measured by a single device.
  • Works with barefoot and shod subjects and can also capture the pressure being exerted by other objects such as assistive devices.
  • Medical grade system that is registered as a Class I medical device with the FDA and with Health Canada.


Stepscan® features of accuracy, repeatability and large volume measurement area are changing the landscape of gait analysis.


Stepscan® Products

The following Stepscan® products are available:

Stepscan® Pad

a single tile system

Stepscan® Pedway

temporal-spatial gait analysis capabilities

Stepscan® Platform

increase or decrease size and layout of the testing area


will broaden our understanding of gait.

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