Computerized Mobility Assessments


Do you have a clear picture of your mobility?

Mobility is a litmus test for health. Similar to weight or blood pressure, gait and balance measurements can be used as an overall health indicator.

Our clinic uses modern technology to quickly and easily access this information. Whether you visit us for an acute issue, a sports-related injury, or preventative medicine, regular assessments allow us to objectively track your mobility, identify areas of potential concern early on, develop data-informed treatment plans, and monitor your physical progress.

With computerized mobility assessments, you also save time, by minimizing the time spent on assessment and analysis, and maximizing the time spent focused on treatment.

How Do Computerised Mobility Assessments Work?

1. Mobility Assessment

The Stepscan Gait Analysis System's unobtrusive, computerized assessments provides your clinician with valuable insights into your walking ability and balance, summarized in an aggregate Mobility Score.

2. Individualized Treatment Plans

Then your clinician, a Certified Stepscan Analyst, uses your Mobility Score to develop a customized treatment plan to improve your strength and physical performance.

3. Additional Care, As Needed

Based on your assessment, your clinician may also recommend additional services to address irregularities and enhance your long-term mobility.

The Stepscan System: Mobility Assessment Technology

The Stepscan System is a computerized, pressure-sensitive floor tile and software that captures and analyzes patterns of mobility and balance in subjects as they walk across the system.

Stepscan's product is being used in hospitals and clinics internationally in applications ranging from pre-surgery planning and post-operative assessment of children with Cerebral Palsy to stroke rehabilitation, concussion screening, and fitting of prosthetic limbs.

Stepscan is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions including the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne Australia, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs Canada, the University of California, the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, and the University of New Brunswick.


Bonus Opportunity: Senior Wellness & Mobility

Measure, Monitor, & Manage

Mobility— how you walk and balance—affects your quality of life and impacts how you age, making it an effective litmus test for healthy aging. Similar to weight or blood pressure, gait, balance, and plantar pressure measurements can be used to indicate your overall health and stability.

Research suggests that measurements including the velocity/speed, symmetry, and rhythm of gait, postural sway (balance) and variability in underfoot pressure while walking are all key performance indicators (KPIs) as you age.

Stepscan makes accessing this information quick and easy, allowing us to objectively assess your mobility. Stepscan compares your gait and balance measurements to averages for your age group.

If your results are outside of the normal, healthy range, your clinician can then do a deep dive into your fall risk (a typical area of concern for most aging adults).

If your Stepscan scores indicates specific areas of weakness or imbalance, your clinician can develop a customized treatment plan to address your individual needs. In some cases, your clinician may recommend additional services or treatments (e.g. - assistive devices, orthotics, massage therapy, occupational therapy, hearing tests, etc.) to promote your long-term health.

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