Computerized Mobility Assessments


Do you have a clear picture of your mobility?

Mobility is a litmus test for healthy aging. Similar to weight or blood pressure, gait, balance, and plantar pressure measurements are excellent indicators of overall health. Modern technology makes accessing this information quick and easy, allowing us to objectively assess mobility and resulting in data-informed health decisions.

How Do Computerised Mobility Assessments Work?

1. Mobility Assessment

A computerized gait, balance, & plantar pressure analysis provides valuable insights into your mobility, summarized in an aggregate Mobility Score.

2. Individualized Treatment Plans

A Certified Stepscan Analyst uses your Mobility Score to develop a customized treatment plan to strengthen you and improve your physical performance.

3. Additional Care, As Needed

Based on your assessment, a Certified Stepscan Analyst may recommend additional services to further enhance your mobility.

Monitor, Measure & Manage

Gait Analysis

Computerized gait analysis provides temporal and spatial statistics and measures symmetry of the walking cycle.

Balance Analysis

Computerized balance analysis provides detailed information about sway and stability.

Plantar Pressure Measurement

Dynamic and static plantar pressure distribution tells clinicians about patients' foot-floor interactions and stance.


Be proactive, not reactive

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