Computerized Fall Risk Assessments


Are you aware of your fall risk?

Falls cause injury and affect your quality of life, impacting how well you age. Mobility is a litmus test for healthy aging. Similar to weight or blood pressure, gait, balance, and plantar pressure measurements are excellent indicators of overall health, as well as risk of falling.

Modern technology makes accessing this information quick and easy, allowing us to objectively assess mobility and resulting in data-informed health decisions.

How Do Computerized Fall Risk Assessments Work?

1. Fall Risk Assessment

The Stepscan Gait Analysis System's unobtrusive, computerized assessments provide your clinician with insights into your walking ability and balance, summarized into a Stability Score.

2. Individualized Treatment Plans

A Certified Stepscan Analyst uses your Stability Score to develop a customized treatment plan to strengthen you and improve your physical performance.

3. Additional Care, As Needed

Based on your assessment, a Certified Stepscan Analyst may recommend additional services to further prevent falls in the future.

Monitor, Measure & Manage

Walking ability and balance can indicate an individual's overall stability and risk of falling. Evidence suggests that the following are fall-risk indicators:

  • Gait Velocity (Speed)
  • Gait Rhythm
  • Gait Pressure
  • Gait Variability
  • Balance (Postural Sway)

These five factors are objectively measured by the Stepscan Gait Analysis System to produce an aggregate Stability Score.

Your Stability Score, designed to indicate your risk of falling within the next twelve (12) months, not only gives you and your clinician an idea of how at risk you are, but also indicates specific areas of weakness and imbalance. Your clinician can then develop a custom treatment plan to address your individual needs.

In some cases, your clinician may recommend additional services or treatments (e.g. - assistive devices, orthotics, massage therapy, occupational therapy, hearing tests, etc.) to further reduce your fall risk.

Be proactive, not reactive

Start taking action today. Find a Certified Stepscan Analyst in your area to book your first Fall Risk Assessment.