The Stepscan® Advantage: Truly Pace Setting Technology!

How is Stepscan® different from other motion tracking technologies?

Stepscan® was designed by Stepscan Technologies Inc. to facilitate data sharing and the advancement of biomedical research. Besides its accuracy and reliability, Stepscan® technology boasts a number of advantages that make it the logical choice for researchers and clinicians seeking both efficacy and efficiency.

  • High Resolution: At the core of the Stepscan® technology is our state of the art proprietary piezo-resistive pressure sensors, which provide the most accurate and reliable pressure measurements available. These sensors are spaced to international standards (5 mm) providing the finest resolution available with 14,400 sensors per tile.
  • Expandable and customizable: Unlike systems with limited surface areas, Stepscan®  is fully expandable, from a single 2’ x 2’ tile up to 100 tiles covering a 400 square foot space. Regardless of the number of tiles or their configuration the Stepscan® system maintains its level of accuracy, resolution and reliability. This capacity allows for all types and directions of gait behavior to be recorded and analyzed naturally on a room-scale basis, affording the researcher expanded experimental horizons.
  • Seamless monitoring platform: Sophisticated engineering design provides for a floor system that maintains its accuracy on all areas of the tile including the connection joints.  
  • Unobtrusive and indiscernible: Stepscan® is designed to overlay existing flooring or be installed as a permanent part of a research laboratory or clinic. This eliminates the risk of data contamination due to bias caused by unnatural foot strike or subject-consciousness of the monitoring system. Gait measurement is more accurate, data more reliable.
  • Portable and easy installation: Stepscan® tiles can be simply laid over an existing floor surface and moved at any time to a different location within the room or to another room or be installed as a permanent part of your research laboratory or clinic. Just plug Stepscan® in and you are ready to record.
  • Quality:  In 2010 the International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community (i-Fab) proposed voluntary standards to manufacturers of Plantar Pressure Measurement Devices (PMD’s) in order to facilitate the sharing and comparison of research results obtained using different pressure measuring platforms. In developing the Stepscan® technology, Stepscan Technologies reviewed the proposed standards and incorporated these into the product’s overall design.  Stepscan is also a registered Class I Medical device with Health Canada and the US FDA.
  • Data reporting: All Stepscan® measurement data is captured and recorded for comparison to normative data or to prior recordings and is available to be evaluated by the practitioner. Full reporting and archiving capabilities are available.
  • Central gait database: Stepscan Technologies Inc. houses a central gait database where anonymous gait data from Stepscan® systems can be shared with researchers or clinicians worldwide. Custom databases can also be generated to meet specific research or clinical requirements.
  • Continuous monitoring: From controlled periods to 24/7, Stepscan® can monitor as little or as long as the evaluator requires.


has ...the potential to amount to a new “vital sign” in the assessment of musculoskeletal disease, neurological disorders... as well as conditions of the frail elderly...

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