About Us


Stepscan Technologies Inc. is a Canadian technology company located on the east coast of Canada in the Province of Prince Edward Island. The company was incorporated to pursue the development of its patented pressure sensitive electronic flooring system.

Branded Stepscan® the technology is able to measure a subject or patients under foot pressure distribution as well as many other movement parameters such as a subject‘s stride and speed of movement – The tracking technology has many applications including health research, rehabilitative medicine, simulated training for the military, sports training and biometric security.

Stepscan Technologies research and development initatives are housed in a spacious 2,000 square foot research and office space located on the Charlottetown  waterfront. The company has also  recently completed the leasehold improvements in a second facility where the assembly of the Stepscan®  tiles is taking place. 


It is the vision of Stepscan Technologies Inc. to be the leading innovator, developer and provider of movement tracking and gait analysis technology in both the medical and security & defence sectors the world over.

Mission Statement
Through the development and delivery of our gait analysis technology to our clientele in the medical and security markets, Stepscan Technologies Inc. contributes to an enhanced quality of life for patients with walking disabilities and an overall safer society.

Core Values

We create new possibilities
We take pride in our work
We respect the skills and experience of our colleagues
We believe in what we do
We do what we say


has the potential to... significantly shorten lead times in pharmaceutical development, by allowing data to be collected on multiple subjects simultaneously.