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The Stepscan® gait analysis and pressure imaging software was built using the engineering know-how of in house software developers and pattern recognition experts to design a software that automatically identifies and classifies left and right feet and calculates all the pertinent data for a researcher or clinician.

Stepscan® software automatically analyses and calculates key temporal, spatial and plantar pressure statistics which are displayed in easy to read reports.  Over and above our standard foot pressure reports, Stepscan® also offers researchers and clinicians the ability to perform a customized analysis of foot pressures. Stepscan’s proprietary foot pressure image analysis module was developed based on research conducted at the University of Liverpool and published in the Journal of Biomechanics.

The foot pressure image analysis module allows the end user to compare a patient’s foot pressure map to one of a healthy individual.  With use of a selector tool, the researcher or clinician is able to define the specific region of the foot that is of interest to them (even if it is one pixel).  For the first time the researcher or clinician is not limited to the pre-determined foot region definitions established by the technology developer.

Stepscan® software can generate detailed Gait, Pressure and Balance Reports.

Software Modules available (vary by product):

  • Patient Information Module
    • includes patient’s demographic details, previous history and provides a unique patient identifier
    • allows assignment of individuals to specific research projects for easy data compilation 
  • Sway/Balance Module
    • also captures key plantar pressure parameters in static mode
  • Foot Pressure Image Analysis Module
  • Calibration Validation Module (center of pressure estimation)
  • Gait Analysis Module (temporal and spatial statistics) 
    • also captures key plantar pressure parameters in dynamic mode

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has the potential to... significantly shorten lead times in pharmaceutical development, by allowing data to be collected on multiple subjects simultaneously.

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