Stepscan® Platform – Advanced Plantar Pressure Measurement & Gait Analysis

The Stepscan® Platform takes the Stepscan® Pedway to the limits of your imagination. It has been designed and developed to meet the unique gait testing requirements of Clinical and Basic Researchers. It can expand an instrumented flooring system up to 400 square feet (or 100 Stepscan® tiles) in any connected configuration required.

Stepscan Platform

Building on Stepscan® Technology and Capabilities
Starting with all of the capabilities of the Stepscan® Pedway, the Stepscan® Platform system allows you to easily increase or decrease the size and layout of the testing area by adding or removing tiles to meet your testing needs.

Capture more Strides, more Foot Falls, Reduce Test Reruns
With longer walkways or you can instrument the entire floor of your lab, you will be able to capture more strides, more foot falls and allow a test subject the room they need to ‘reach their stride’ thereby reducing the number of testing runs to capture the necessary data. (Additional dummy tiles are available if needed to fit your instrumented flooring system.)

Capture Gait of any Individual – Healthy or Pathological with Any Configuration
It is sometimes difficult for even healthy individuals to walk in a narrow straight line and individuals with various pathologies may find it even more difficult and will quite often step off the testing surface.

As the Stepscan® Platform provides you with the ability to easily configure and reconfigure the testing area, you are able to test any individual by accommodating those with healthy gaits or those with compromised gaits. The Stepscan® Platform allows you to create the right size and the right configuration surface for testing and helps to minimize re-testing.


Tile specifications are equivalent for all Stepscan® products.

Technical Data

Power Supply
Output DC Supply
48VDC @ 3A
Connector, Data
Ethernet Cable, RJ45
Surface Material
Prefabricated commercial rubber flooring


60 cm x 60 cm x 4 cm (23.6" x 23.6" x 1.57")
11 kg (25 lbs)

Sensor Performance

Scan Rate
100 Hz
Sensor Resolution
5 mm (14,400 sensors/tile)
Sensor Density
4 sensors/cm 2
Pressure Range
700 kpa

  • Patient Information Module
    • includes patient’s demographic details, previous history and provides a unique patient identifier
    • allows assignment of individuals to specific research projects for easy data compilation 
  • Sway/Balance Module
    • also captures key plantar pressure parameters in static mode
  • Foot Pressure Image Analysis Module (for stationary and dynamic measurements)
  • Calibration Validation Module (center of pressure estimation)
  • Gait Analysis Module (temporal and spatial statistics)  
    • also captures key plantar pressure parameters in dynamic mode
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has ...the potential to amount to a new “vital sign” in the assessment of musculoskeletal disease, neurological disorders... as well as conditions of the frail elderly...

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