Stepscan® Pedway – Advanced Plantar Pressure Measurement & Gait Analysis

Building on the capabilities of the Stepscan® Pad, the Stepscan® Pedway combines the most detailed and accurate plantar pressure foot mapping abilities of the Pad with full temporal-spatial gait analysis capabilities.   

Stepscan Pedway


The Stepscan® Pedway is our entry point for dynamic gait analysis and allows you to capture an individual’s two full strides (Four Tile System creating a 2’ x 8’ walkway). With the following different Stepscan® Pedway configurations available, you can also capture strides, a turn, and a pivot of individuals who have either normal or pathological conditions.

  • a 2’x 8’ walkway
  • a 6’ x 4’ L shaped walkway
  • a 4’ x 4’ square platform

Suggested Applications

The Stepscan® Pedway can be used to assess, monitor and document a patient walking ability and their responses to therapeutic interventions.  The gait analysis and pressure analysis reports cover 22 gait parameters, dynamic center of pressure measurements and detailed pressure mapping of the foot with each step.  These parameters can be used to assess a patients walking ability, track their progress and provide objective documentation to Insurance Providers and help clinicians make better decisions for their patients.  In addition, these reports can be used to provide patient feedback on their rehabilitation.  Many therapists and practitioners find this a useful tool when working with patients on their day-to-day rehabilitation.


Tile specifications are equivalent for all Stepscan® products.

Technical Data

Power Supply
Output DC Supply
48VDC @ 3A
Connector, Data
Ethernet Cable, RJ45
Surface Material
Prefabricated commercial rubber flooring


60 cm x 60 cm x 4 cm (23.6" x 23.6" x 1.57")
11 kg (25 lbs)

Sensor Performance

Scan Rate
100 Hz
Sensor Resolution
5 mm (14,400 sensors/tile)
Sensor Density
4 sensors/cm 2
Pressure Range
700 kpa

  • Patient Information Module
    • includes patient’s demographic details, previous history and provides a unique patient identifier
    • allows assignment of individuals to specific research projects for easy data compilation 
  • Sway/Balance Module
    • also captures key plantar pressure parameters in static mode
  • Foot Pressure Image Analysis Module (for stationary and dynamic measurements)
  • Calibration Validation Module (center of pressure estimation)
  • Gait Analysis Module (temporal and spatial statistics)  
    • also captures key plantar pressure parameters in dynamic mode


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has the potential to... significantly shorten lead times in pharmaceutical development, by allowing data to be collected on multiple subjects simultaneously.

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