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Video Gait Analysis – Basler Ace Cameras & Lenses

Synchronizing digital video capture with your Stepscan® system gives you a HiDef colour record of your subject’s movement. Playback allows in-depth frame-by-frame visual study from a complimentary perspective on demand, facilitates the tracking of progress/changes, and provides the subject with the ability to view his or her movement.  

Basler Ace cameras are compact (L x W x H / 29.3 mm x 29.0 mm x 29.0 mm), cost effective, and sync and record via a simple USB 3.0 connection. Kit includes Basler lens, tripod and cables. Alternate Basler Ace lenses at a variety of focal lengths are available.

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Stepscan Asseccories

Centre of Pressure (COP) Calibration Device

The Calibration tool is a portable device that allows a clinician or researcher to verify the accuracy of the calibration of the Stepscan® tiles in the clinic.  The device is placed on the tile and the center of pressure (COP) is assessed and calculated by the Stepscan® software.  The COP measurement can then be compared to a manual measure of Centre of Pressure taken by the user.  This assessment is supported and recorded by the Centre of Pressure Validation Module.

Stepscan Accessories


Graduated Aluminium


Base diameter = 280 mm
Central Vertical Rod height = 200 mm
7.5 kg (17.5 lbs)

The onsite assessment of calibration accuracy is supported with a software module contained in the core Stepscan® software. While working through the recommended assessment procedure the software module will prompt when to enter the required measurements and calculate all the necessary statistics for you.

Centre of Pressure Validation Screen

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has ...the potential to amount to a new “vital sign” in the assessment of musculoskeletal disease, neurological disorders... as well as conditions of the frail elderly...

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