Security Solutions

Insiders and early adopters have quickly seen the immense potential for Stepscan’s footprint analytics in a security environment. Key features of Stepscan® that have caught the attention of security analysts and biometric researchers are these:

  • The Stepscan® system is fully scalable and customizable in that our tiles can be easily assembled to form a complete floor, as many as 100 tiles covering a 400 square foot space, or more.
  • The Stepscan® floor is meant to be installed as a permanent part of the infrastructure and is totally indiscernible to the subjects treading on it.
  • The floor is equipped to track multiple subjects as they move across its surface, and;
  • The system is capable of continuous monitoring.

In combination with other forms of identification such a retinal scans, handprint, fingerprint, swipe cards and other RFID sensors, the Stepscan® system immediately brings heightened certainty to contemporary security systems.

For example:

Entrance Security Analysis - 
The Stepscan® system could rapidly identify permitted or prohibited activities in high security facilities, where a system has been devised using swipe cards or other devices to permit single person entry. Software would compare the swipe card ID with the biometric footprint captured by the Stepscan® System to confirm or deny entrance. Single person entry and exit could be assured.

Establishment Security Systems - 
A complete Stepscan® floor system can be installed where large protected security zones are required. Typical high security applications of the Stepscan® Floor System could include Correctional Services; diplomatic missions, embassies and consulates; aerospace installation and airports; sensitive laboratories, financial institutions, etc.

In 2014 ViTRAK Systems Inc. received Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Funding (NSERC) to support a two year Research and Development project to examine the feasibility of our gait technology as a biometric modality.   ViTRAK’s Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr. Patrick Connor presented the preliminary findings on the feasibility of our StepscanSecure™ technology at the 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security, April 14-16, in Waltham MA. To learn more about the project details you can read the symposium research article here.


has ...the potential to amount to a new “vital sign” in the assessment of musculoskeletal disease, neurological disorders... as well as conditions of the frail elderly...

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