Military Training and Virtual Simulation

Advanced Footprint Tracking and Gait Profiling Technology

In the military training and simulation market there is a great deal of excitement about the potential of integrating footprint tracking and gait profiling technology into live and simulated training solutions.  According to Peter Longstaff, the President of Meggitt Training Systems, an industry leader in this market, “The lack of ability to track and monitor foot placement places a limitation on the realism of the immersive training experience.”

In this space Stepscan® offers:

  • The integration of footprint and gait data for an enhanced training experience
  • Can track, monitor and analyze the movement of multiple trainees simultaneously
  • Can potentially be used in both simulated and live training environments


has ...the potential to amount to a new “vital sign” in the assessment of musculoskeletal disease, neurological disorders... as well as conditions of the frail elderly...

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