Clinical Research

It’s no secret that the costs of bringing a new drug to market are skyrocketing in the face of stricter FDA regulations, and this in spite of significant industry effort to reduce time to market and manage clinical research expenditures. Recent statistics show costs typically in the range of $800 Million - $1.7 Billion with the cost in time running anywhere between 12 – 15 years.

Stepscan® and the Locomotor System

Stepscan® technology offers pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) a number of distinct advantages when it comes to clinical trials for new therapeutics targeting the locomotor system. This would cover conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), arthritis and pain to name a few.

The Stepscan® Advantage:

  • Sensitive and reliable analytics measuring the efficacy of new therapeutics for the treatment of conditions affecting the locomotor system.
  • Viable, cost effective alternative to subjective patient symptom reports and expensive ancillary laboratory tests routinely run on individual subjects.
  • Objective data to support the go – no go decision and/or to support FDA regulatory submissions

CRO Savings

The incorporation of Stepscan® technology can save clinical research dollars for the CRO, providing a cost-based competitive advantage in bidding for contracts from pharmaceutical companies. By applying Stepscan® technology to the measurement of comparative gait dimensions between control and test groups, the CRO can:

  • Capture objective and reliable outcome measures of drug efficacy as early as the preclinical trial stage in animals (Years 3-5)
  • Provide reliable evidence to support the decision to move into Phase I clinical trial with human subjects
  • Alternatively offers support for project cancellation if results are negative
  • Facilitate patient recruitment, because a Stepscan® clinical trial involves non-invasive and therefore less stressful patient assessment. Better patient retention and compliance rates should be expected.

Other applications

Stepscan Technologies continues to research and develop Stepscan® for new markets.  There is immense potential for Stepscan® technology in Sports, Security as well as simulated training purposes. For more information on what we are doing in some of these new markets, simply select one from the left.


will broaden our understanding of gait.

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